Meet the Designer


My name is Leslie Campbell, I am the owner and designer of MDMV (My Dreams My Visions). 

MDMV is very personal to me, not just from my actual dreams but because it inspired me to never give up. Growing up I have always been creative. I would see designs in my dreams and would eagerly wake up in the middle of the night to draw them, and this is where My Dreams My Visions comes from.

After graduating high school, I obtained my Master's Degree in Fashion Textiles and Interiors from the University for The Creative Arts in England. Once learning the industry and attending events I had the privilege of being selected to showcase my fabric samples at Graduate Fashion Week for two years in a row and being a finalist for the Boux swimwear award. I was also selected for the New Designers showcase in London.


I want MDMV to be a brand that inspires people to always follow their dreams and pursue their visions because we all have a purpose, so let's do it in style!

- Leslie Campbell